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SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ) gateway allows you to send emails to the 2sms messaging gateway via eMail clients.  2sms gateway will convert the eMail according to the required format and deliver the message to the mobile destinations.  Use any eMail client to send SMS to any mobile destinations. Prerequisites You have registered to …

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The 2sms SMPP SMSC allows customers to send SMS messages to mobile destination using the SMPP v3.4 protocol. The SMPP SMSC accepts valid SMPP PDUs from authenticated users, allowing customers to send messages to domestic and international mobile phones, and collect delivery receipts. Getting Started Contact 2sms to generate a system ID and password required …

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The 2sms HTTP API is used to send text messages by posting the message content and destination information in a HTTP GET command, using a query string to build up the information needed by 2sms in order to deliver an SMS message. Customers can send over HTTP or HTTPS. We recommend HTTPS to ensure encryption …

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Endpoint – Multiple, the base url is https://portal.2sms.us/ and the uri are per method in keeping with RESTful designAPI Docs – https://portal.2sms.us/help Authentication using OAuth 2.0 2sms uses OAuth2.0 for authorization for the application API. To create a new ClientID and Secret on your account:1. Login to your account2. Click on “Settings” on the left3. …

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The 2sms XML API enables you to send and receive SMS and Email. You can integrate the enterprise messaging services into your IT infrastructure by sending XML requests to do all of the features. How does it work? Your system sends XML API call to 2sms requesting to send message, etc.2sms receives XML API call …

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