2sms Group

2sms consists of two businesses—2sms LLC and Limited.
2sms LLC is our Delaware registered entity serving our American customer base. 2sms LLC has an office in Coppell, Dallas, TX. Limited is a UK registered company. In November 2020 it sold it’s UK and EU customer base to Commify.

Board Structure

2sms operates with a Board of Directors which is comprised of three Executive Management members and two independent Directors. The Board meets on a monthly basis to discuss and analyze 2sms’s practices and procedures as well as its success.

Existing Investors

2sms believes in open and transparent communications with our investor base. In addition, 2sms maintains a profile on Dun and Bradstreet.

The Roadmap

The 2sms strategy is two fold – Grow the SMS business, and develop SMS+ to deliver value added work-flow solutions. We will continue to lead the market on developing the offer to meet the needs of the Enterprise customer. We will continue to develop our UK and US customer franchises, while developing our certifications with ISO, GSA, and selected strategic partners.

2sms Milestones


2sms sells its UK customers base to Commify. It will now focus on its US business.


2sms launches SMS+ : SMS and MMS for the Enterprise.


2sms becomes ISO27001:2013 certified by an accredited auditor (SGS).


2sms attains a software development contract with Soza Health.


2sms acquires a US Federal Government GSA Schedule contract award.


2sms negotiates the exit of YFM’s Capital Fund. In so doing, the 2sms Trust is set up to hold these assets for the benefit of shareholders.


2sms receives Venture Capital funding from YFM, Eclipse Investment Partners, and Pre-X. A total of £1.2m was raised as a combination of debt and equity.


2sms signs a Verizon Wireless Joint Marketing Agreement.


2sms becomes ISO27001:2005 certified by an accredited auditor (SGS).


2sms opens for business in the USA.


2sms receives a loan via the Loan Guarantee scheme. This is repaid in full in 2004.


Shopfront is renamed 2sms and the first full time employee is hired.


2sms is formed as

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