Imagine logging-on to SMS+ using your corporate ID and password. Create and send a text message that can be 5,000 characters long, full of colour and fonts, images, maps and web links. Add the ability to reply without the need for a long number or short code. Add the ability to send out data collection forms and collect the answers.

Then decide if you want the recipient of your message to authenticate before they read your message. Set a ‘time to live’ or limit the number of ‘reads’. Be re-assured that the message you send will not be cached on their phone, cannot be forwarded and is encrypted end to end.

Add the ability to know when the message was read, not just delivered. Be able to go back to message records stored for you indefinitely on a platform that is ISO27001:2013 certified for information security. Enjoy 24/7 support from folks who will help you integrate SMS+ into your business software with our APIs. Welcome to SMS+.

SMS+ : How does it work?

Once you have created your rich content message, we send a SMS to alert your message recipients. The alert has a link on it, which they click. A secure encrypted web page is loaded and the information is delivered. Any additional rules set by the sender, e.g. requiring the recipient to authenticate before reading the message, are processed at this point. If the recipient wants to reply, the process reverses and we receive the secure encrypted reply on your behalf. Everything is logged with a full audit trail.

SMS+ : Designed by customers

SMS+ is the next step, beyond SMS or MMS. Designed by our customers, we have built a service offering that combines the things they asked us to focus on when re-imagining SMS into SMS+. They each had different and overlapping needs, which we grouped into 4 topics.

Each topic takes standard SMS and adds features to make it easy to add SMS into your business software. We built capabilities to enhance message content with rich features, while focusing on security of the message. We also focused on the needs of your risk management team, ensuring you have detailed audit reporting capabilities. Finally, we wrapped everything in 24/7 service and ISO27001:2013 certified information security.

Engage with Customers

Use SMS+ to engage with your customers. Service confirmation, service alerts, service outages.

Flexible Pricing

Take advantage of low cost plans to start small. As you grow your usage, the unit cost for each message falls.

Industry Standard

Our SMS+ service is benchmarked to the industry, meaning you will get a similar service level to our major competitors. What you won’t get is the value adds of SMS+.

Web Application Overview

Our on-line web application platform is user friendly, quick, and lets you send SMS immediately. Use tools to manage your contacts, groups, sub accounts, and real time reports. 2sms has everything you need to manage your subscribers (opt-ins/opt-outs), as well as schedule future messages. It’s easy, simple, and reliable.


SMS+ offers a range of features to enhance basic SMS messaging. Use our tools to manage and support your use of SMS in your business work-flow and processes.

Unlimited Contacts

Store contacts in your on-line address book.

Group and Distribution

Easily create groups and distribution lists and send messages to them.


Easily schedule your messages to go out at any date and time.

Fixed Message Management

Create and store fixed messages to use over and over again for quick and fast SMS.

Account Settings

Easily create groups and distribution lists and send messages to them.

Campaign Management

The self-service web application has everything you need to start a mobile engagement campaign with your customers. Manage your subscribers, send auto-responses, as well as schedule recurring messages and add fixed messages.

Online Subscription

Manage your subscribers with on-line registration site.

Drip Messaging

Manage your subscribers with on-line registration site.

Import & Export Contacts

Easily import and export your contacts in your address book.

Keyword Opt In/Out

Give mobile engagement power to your subscribers.
“To subscribe, text {keyword} to 94797”

Messaging Personalisation

Personalise your mobile engagement conversation.

Subscriber Management

Manage your subscribers by scrubbing your contacts against “Do Not Text” log.


Self-service web reporting has everything you need to view and analyse your SMS usage, track delivery status, and manage your inbound replies.

Keyword Opt In/Out

Manage your subscribers with Opt In/Out on-line registration site and/or 2-way mobile subscription.

Messaging Personalisation

Easily analyse your incoming and outgoing messages to optimise your next campaign.

Subscriber Management

Check the delivery status of your outgoing messages in real-time.

Failed Delivery Reports

Track failed delivery numbers and remove from your contact list.Manage your subscribers with Opt In/Out on-line registration site and/or 2-way mobile subscription.

Wireless Operator Lookup

It’s simple and easy to lookup any wireless operator on your contact list.

Export Reports

Export your summary and detail reports as a CSV file.

Security and Control

ISO27001:2013 certified suppliers
Data encryption end to end
Single Sign-On access to ‘the system’
Manage users, their access and their usage
Create address books and distribution links
Log all user actions

Message Content

Message length up to 5,000 characters
Bullet points and URL links
Company logo header, disclaimer as a footer
Option to create and send out data forms
Option to receive and process reply msgs.
Send now
Send later
Recurring message
Receive replies
Process replies
Send SMS based on content of msgs received
Send out a survey form and collect answers
Foreign characters supported, e.g. Cantonese/Arabic
Option to limit message ‘time to live’
Option to limit how many times the message is read
Option for message recipient authentication
Prevent message forwarding
Send to one person
Send to many
Send to a predefined list of people
Send to an opt-in list
Create address books and distribution links
Log all user actions

Audit Trail

Log of every message sent
Logs held indefinitely (competitors store for 72 hours)
Log of message delivery AND message read
Log of IP address that read the message
Log of how many times the message is read
Log of all user actions on the account
Log of all calls to our APIs


Webinar to walk through service
Online content including use cases and videos
Developer support including API’s, code samples and demos
Flexible pricing plans
24/7 phone / Email / webinar support

SMS+ : Want to learn more?

If you want to learn more, why not arrange a webinar with us. It is free and takes 20 mins. It is bookable on demand or to a time that meets your schedule, simply get in touch. We will listen to your business needs, and guide you on how SMS+ will (or will not) meet your needs.

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