SMS+ Private Cloud

SMS+ offers a suite of benefits to extend SMS into a secure messaging solution. Our dialogue with customers generated feedback that triggered the next step, SMS+ Private Cloud.

Conceived to meet the needs of a Healthcare customer, 2sms has added features to SMS+ to meet the requirements of HIPAA / HITECH for patient confidentiality. The basic requirement is that 2sms and its message delivery partners should at no time ‘see’ ePHI / PII, and that ePHI / PII should be deleted as soon as the message is transmitted and confirmed as received and read.

SMS+ private cloud adds a layer of security and functionality on top of SMS+ :

  • HIPPASingle tenant version of our SMS+ platform. Your data is held in its own encrypted data store.
  • Choose location of your SMS+ app and data from one of 140 countries offered by Microsoft Azure.
  • End to end encryption of data.
  • Message content encrypted at rest, and cannot been ‘seen’ by 2sms or downstream suppliers.
  • Optional ‘delete on send’ message capability.
  • HIPAA/HITECH compliant, attested by A-Lign.

2sms will run a private cloud copy of its SMS+ platform for you. Choose your geographic location. Your data is encrypted end to end. We cannot see your messages. HIPAA / HITECH compliance on a ISO27001:2013 certified platform. Don’t forget SMS+ offers SAML / ADFS based single sign on, 5,000 character rich text SMS messages, reply options and a full audit trail.

Costs : SMS+ private cloud is a managed service which comes with a Microsoft Azure subscription and a 2sms monthly service fee. Per message fees also apply at our standard rates.

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