Month: June 2020

RSA® Authentication Manager V8.0 Integration

RSA Authentication Manager allows VPN access to corporate IT systems. One option is to issue a single use SMS message each time a user logs in. If your organization uses RSA Authentication Manager, you can use your 2sms account for the delivery of login PINs for the RSA product. RSA Authentication Manager offers the option …

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Endpoint – Multiple, the base url is and the uri are per method in keeping with RESTful designAPI Docs – Authentication using OAuth 2.0 2sms uses OAuth2.0 for authorization for the application API. To create a new ClientID and Secret on your account:1. Login to your account2. Click on “Settings” on the left3. …

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The 2sms XML API enables you to send and receive SMS and Email. You can integrate the enterprise messaging services into your IT infrastructure by sending XML requests to do all of the features. How does it work? Your system sends XML API call to 2sms requesting to send message, etc.2sms receives XML API call …

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