Status Updates

Status Updates is a service that 2sms provides that allows you to monitor the progress of your messages through the SMS network.


  • You have registered to the 2sms system and have a valid account with message credits.
  • Receiver page URL provided to 2sms for HTTP POST. Click here for an example of HTTP POST.


You are charged for each update that you receive. Up to four updates per message:

  • When SMS is first received by the wireless operator
  • Up to 2-3 progress reports
  • When mobile device confirms the receipt of SMS
MessageIDMessageID that is used internally to identify the message and may be used in correspondence with our support staff.
DestinationDestination is the mobile number to which the message was sent, in international format beginning with the country code.
TextText is the actual text of the short message.
ReferenceReference is the reference specified for the message batch. You may have chosen this yourself, or it could be the 2sms default value which gives the time at which the message was sent.
DateReceivedDateReceived is the date at which this update was received by us in MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm:ss format
StatusStatus is the status to which the message is being updated, as used in our standard reports.
ReasonIs the Error or Success reason reported to us from the SMS network and provides additional information to complement the Status.
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